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All About Griffons

As with all breeds please do your research on the WPG before inviting one into your home and family!!



Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are known as the bird hunters best kept secret.  They are a very versatile hunting dog great for both upland game birds as well as water fowl alike.  Ther are a very loving and sensitive breed that are easily trained but don't do well with a harsh word or heavy hand.  They make great family dogs but require you to be very consistant with your training and include your kids in on the training.  You will be surprised the bond that is made with the whole family getting in on the action.  


Griffs require a great deal of exercise, they do not make good apartment dogs!  Daily walks, play sessions and field training are a must for this breed or they can become mischievious and destructive.  If you decide to invite a Griff into your life and are willing to do everything required to keep them happy and healthy you will have a great addition to your family.


REQUIRED READING!!!!!  You can go to Amazon and download

a book on to your Kindle, Computer or any device that has a

Kindle applications.  It is hands down the BEST book ever written

on the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.  The author Nikki totally gets the it you won't be sorry.


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