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We are Donnybrook Kennels

Here is our story


We have bred our last litter of Griffs.  We kept a male out of Chewie and Gretchen, so we still have stud service available.  If you would like references to great breeders or need a stud contact us for information.


We have been breeding dogs for over 35 years.  Our story started with Labs and kids. Then we added Jack Russells, Schipperkes, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens  and Standard Poodles. Our Jacks PBGV's and Schips are now retired and living life eating, sleeping and exploring the property.   


We work hard at raising very well rounded puppies, we are very hands on.  I am in the whelping room during the whole birth process and sleep in there the first 3 nights to insure that Mommy and babies are all doing well.  I use monitors that have video that also tell me the what temperature in the room is so that the pups never get over heated or chilled. We video tape the pups and take pictures through out and post the videos to our YouTube channel.  


Our puppies are well socialized and pre spoiled before they go home. Grandma Suzy sees to that!  Hope to hear from you soon.

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